halloween scene

Question Modeling

Hello guys. sadly i could not finish the halloween scene because of real life issues, but i still want to finish it even trough i barely have anything.
i do might need some help so feedback/advice is more then welcome

as for the bridge (it will stand in water) some things bother me but maybe that is just me .
if anyone know how to make it look better pls feel free to let me know

all objects will later be replaced by the good objects but for now everything is just for blockout.


  • Omar Domenech replied

    That is looking great Yukino. I like the bridge and the layout, the house surrounded by water. I'd say you're going in the right direction. Keep working on it, blocking your scene out with simple geometry like you are doing.

  • yukino hatake(yukinoh1989) replied

    Thanks Omar, is it possible to build like a forest connected to a city or might that blow up the computer ?
    for now i will keep it at the forest but i do wonder if its a possibility to later continue the scene and build the city that will be connected to the forest.

  • Omar Domenech replied

    Keep it simple for now. You don't want to burden yourself at this point and loose motivation. Think broad first as you block out your scene, not details yet. 

  • Emad Arjmandnia(EmadRj) replied

    Thats fine. I really like to redesign you art. that bridge and island. PERFECT 

    i suggest you to add some Graves, maybe some Scary trees. add some bones and also pumpkins. keep it simple, thats ok but dont forget that you can always make it better. and accept new challenges. they will help you to learn more

    -wish the bests for you in 2023 :)