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I am using v 3.1.2 and since this morning out of nowhere when I start a General file, want to scale a cube, only the "Scale Tool" appears. I can not just scale it by moving the mouse.

pressing "S" + "X" or another Axis want do anything... just the Scale Cage Tool comes up

Same with the rotation, pressing "R" brings up the Rotation Tool. Pressing "R" + "X" to rotate on the x Axis just gives the option to delete the cube...and also Move tool... nothing

the same is with the Inset Faces and other functions... I only can manipulate it on the Gizmo Tool... very strange

Does anybody have clue what I activated or deactivated?

thank you


  • spikeyxxx replied

    Hi Martin, that is a Setting in your Preferences, that you must have accidentally changed (I think they introduced this in 3.0):


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  • mastart replied

    Oh Spikey, you LEGEND!!! Thank you!!!

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  • Henry Bell(Nostalgo) replied

    Hi there, I am still having this issue even after checking the above. I am running 4.0.2 if that helps! Thank you!

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Hey Henry NNostalgo ,

    There shouldn't be anything different in 4.0, in this case...can you be a bit more specific and maybe post a screenshot of your issue?

  • Henry Bell(Nostalgo) replied

    Hi Martin, 

    Thanks for the quick reply, kind of hard to screenshot my issue but it's literally the same issue as mentioned above. I'll tap G to move an object and nothing happens, tap R to rotate followed by X and nothing apart from asking if I want to delete the object. The Gizmo comes up on the object itself but I am unable to immediately use the tools. 

    Thank you! 

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Hey Henry NNostalgo , maybe try this:


    You might have accidentally changed some Settings in your Preferences (for instance using the  Industry Compatible Keymap...?)

  • Henry Bell(Nostalgo) replied

    Hi Martin, 

    That sorted it for me! No idea what I changed but I'll be sure to be mindful in the future! Can't thank you enough for this, you've really improved my day!