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Hey there!!

Im working on the Press Start course and Im stuck at the loop cut portion in modeling. It seems that the cut is pre defined but trying to do multiple and cant open where to adjust the number of cuts. Im using B3.0.

Thank ya for the help!!!

  • spikeyxxx replied

    If you use the Active Tool, you place the cut and press Enter. Then you can open the panel on the bottom left of your 3D View and adjut the Settings. If you can't see that, you can go to View and check the Adjust Last Operation box:


    Or you can press F9, then that panlel appears where your mouse pointer is.

    But the easiest is to use CTRL+R to make the cut (do not press Enter yet), scroll your mouse wheell to adjust the number of cuts. Then Left click to keep that number of cuts and mouve your mouse to slide. You can Press Escape, or Right click to cancel the slide, or Enter to confirm.

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  • Timeka Cobb(mekaboo) replied

    Thank ya kindly Sir!!!

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