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Hey there guys, I have this mining machine to model and before I launch into the blade, just wondering if you have any advice on how I could easily model the blades, notice the red lines that show the curvature of them. And also the blade tube can detatch like with the green lines I have shown, any easy way to cut that out?

Thanks in advance.

  • Ross Franks(rfranks) replied


  • spikeyxxx replied

    Maybe start from a Worm gear and modify that (or get ideas from how that is made) to model one of the inner pieces:


    Array that, make an end piece and use a Mirror Modifier.

    There is a lot of repetition, so use Array Modifiers wisely. Also, don't be afraid of Booleans.

    It won't be an easy thing, but you'll learn a lot from it.

  • Ross Franks(rfranks) replied

    Sorry for the delay but that worked nicely spikeyxxx, I used the Worm Gear as a base and created it from that.

    Thanks bigtime!

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