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Hi guys,

I'm back!!!! First of all I want to thank all the staff of CG Cookies for their wonderful tutorials. Thanks to their teachings I improved a lot the approach to modeling this project and at each tutorial I learn to use all the functions in the correct way - I enclose front and back in "edit mode" of the project (all obtained with only the modifier "array" + knife project to model the stereo box in the front lower right). Granted that I have yet to learn 90% of Blender (and I'm sure that thanks to the methods and concepts of this site I will be able to assimilate), at this time I wonder what is the best method to proceed. 

I would like to apply the modifier "Subdivision surface" to the object and obviously I would have to put additional hand to the mesh if I want to get a result. I wonder if the process of retopology can be done only manually or if I can take advantage of some add-on, modifier, tutorial to achieve the desired result.

Thanks in advance to everyone,


  • rainking replied


    • 🍪Looking good!
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  • spikeyxxx replied

    Hi rrainking

    This is looking pretty good! A few more Bevels on the knobs and buttons and I call it ready to render.

    @jlampel knows better than I, but there is a different approach to Subsurf modeling as oposed to  this. You'd have to decide what you want before you start modeling. Subsurf modeling is not better than this method for hard surface modeling (probably even less ideal).

    But turning this model into a Subsurf ready model would be, very possibly more work than starting from scratch.

    Try what you have now with Shade Smooth and Autosmooth and see how you like it. Maybe some Edge Creases on those ridges, or when that doesn't work, beveling the Edges.

    There are also some unnecessary Edges (red) and the inner circle here has 24 Verts, while the larger one has only 16:


    But apart from optimizing, this should work quite well as it is. No need for Subsurf.

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  • rainking replied

    Hi spikeyxxx,

    I thank you very much for the advice. I definitely need to add some more details around the design as you pointed out. The cue about the number of vertices of the two circles is very useful to me: I tried to keep the same definition on the whole structure but actually this detail had escaped me, as well as I will try to clean up the directional knob (too many additional details compared to the whole resolution of the mesh). 

    I will follow the advice you gave me and once all the details are fixed I will proceed with the render.

    Thanks a lot to all of you!

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  • Jonathan Lampel replied

    Wow, awesome job on this rrainking, and I fully agree with advice Spikey gave! 

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  • rainking replied

    Thanks @jlampel for your support! This work (and I wish others in the near future) is all thanks to CG Cookies great work!!!

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  • rainking replied

    Hi everyone,

    spikeyxxx, @jlampel I seem to have finished all the details from a modeling standpoint. However, since I'd like to be as precise as possible, I wanted to know how I can go about finding and applying the embossed lettering with the right fonts. In particular I would like to know how to apply the original logo (or similar) on the front face, as well as "start", "reset", "A" and "B" with the right fonts. Is there any tutorial I can learn from?

    P.S.: before rendering, I will delve into materials and shading.

    Thanks in advance,