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So, I have my  UVs , in the shade node editor I have my image node selected with an image but when trying to paint in texture paint mode it does not work. Does anyone have an idea what could be the issue ? I cannot figure it out

  • spikeyxxx replied

    Hi IIR could you provide us with a Screenshot of your (full) UI, please?

  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    Hey @ir ,

    Here are a few things to double check you are set up correctly.

    These may seem obvious, but its surprising how we all over look small things sometimes.

    • Texture Paint Mode, I can't tell you how many times I have selected Vertex Paint or Weight Paint by mistake.
    • The object you wish to paint on is selected before entering Texture Paint Mode.
    • The Image Texture Node is selected (white border), and the correct image selected.
    • The same Image is selected in the texture slot of the Tools and Workspace settings.

    Texture paint.png

    After checking these, if you still have an issue, let us know.

  • IR (IR) replied

    Hey, thank you for the help @spikeyxxx and AAdrian Bellworthy. I tried to do what AAdrian Bellworthy suggested but I think I have all points checked and still wont let me

  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    What object is 'Plane' , you have selected in the outliner?

    I'm guessing the sphere is the eyeball. 

    If you are following the Human course, you would have started with a cube.

  • spikeyxxx replied

    IIR can't see what's wrong, so it must be something invisible :)

    Did you, by any chance enable Texture Mask, w/o assigning a texture to it (default is black, masking your whole Brush).Mask.png

  • IR (IR) replied

    @AdrianBellworthy , it is the head . I am following the human course but tbh not sure about many things in this file bc as far as I remember I started with a sphere. 0_o. In any case @spikeyxxx  there is no mask I believe...