Boolean With Ico Sphere

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I was trying out boolean modifier with simple meshes. Overall it works as described. For example if I choose a cube and a cylinder. However when I try to do a union between an icosphere and a cylinder it does not work.

To be really clear start a new file, insert an icosphere, insert a cylinder, rotate it 90 around X and then move the cylinder so that you have a circular intersection with the icosphere. The cylinder should be centered on a horizontal radius of the icosphere. Add a boolean to the icosphere,  set it to union and choose the cylinder. Apply the modifier. Remove the cylinder. There is no union.

Anyone have any ideas?

  • spikeyxxx replied

    mrorangekitty seems to work perfectly fine, if this is what you mean:


    (Also Applying the Modifier and deleting the Cylinder works as it should.)

    What Blender version are you using?

    Or did you maybe use a Cylinder with a hole? It should be a 'closed' (watertight) Mesh.
  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    mrorangekitty, it seems to work ok for me too. Other than what spikeyxxx said, the only other thing I can think off is the Boolean is not applied before deleting the cylinder.

  • Rob Darrough(mrorangekitty) replied

    Thanks for your help. It is working now. Not sure what happened.

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