Annotation is not working correctly

Hello!  Annotation (2.91) is not working correctly. 
When I draw, I cannot see the line. If I turn around an object, I see a line for a few seconds. But if I click on the object, I don't see it again. The same problem with zoom - no line is visible when zooming in or out. In short, the drawn line "blinks" and I cannot see it stably. 
Please help who can :)

  • Jonathan Lampel replied

    The three things to check off the top of my head would be that it's enabled in the overlays, that the annotation layer is visible, and that you're either on the right frame in the timeline or you've locked the frame so that it won't be animated. 

  • schunja replied

    I checked all these options. When I draw with Annotation, the lines appear. But they disappear when I pan the view or zoom. Then they appear and disappear again. It looks like the annotation is conflicting with something, but with what)

  • spikeyxxx replied

    That is weird...

    Are you using non-common Addons?

    It is also possible that your graphics driver is not up to date. (Actually quite likely when something is not being drawn correctly...)

  • schunja replied

    Oh, shame on my laptop :) Indeed, the annotation works on another device, a newer one. Thanks for the tips, they will come in handy anyway :)