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This site is an embarrasment to teaching and teachers, kent, for someone who claims to have a full time gig working here, your dedication to this is a shame, i'm done with this site. so don't even bother replying. thanks for wasting my money, to you 23 dollars might be spare change but not to me. This has been a sour and regretful expirience, and i will advice everyone i know that may be interested in this site not to waste their money on an online education where the teachers are not committed to educating. A site that promotes itself by telling you that you will know both the how and why, can't afford the luxury of not answering students questions, or treating people as if they were morons by asking you if watched the lesson when it is absolutely clear that the teacher halfassedly read the question. almost 3 weeks and no answer is what i call an institutional failure. I was very eager to learn and invest my time, which is very limited by the way, because this is important to me. thanks for nothing

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