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Intro to Retopology with the RetopoFlow Add-on
RetopoFlow is an add-on designed for Blender artists. Using only Blender's default tools, retopology can be a terribly tedious process with lots of pitfalls. This add-...
RetopoFlow 2.0: Rebuilding a Blender Add-On From Scratch
RetopoFlow 2.0 is a redesign of the hugely popular retopology suite for Blender, which makes retopology artist-driven and intuitive like sculpting.
Retopology with RetopoFlow 3
RetopoFlow, the premier retopology add-on for Blender, helps to quickly create new low poly geometry on top of high poly sculpts and scans. In this tutorial series, Jo...
Live Demo of RetopoFlow 2.0 with Jonathan Williamson
RetopoFlow 2.0 introduces a cohesive retopology mode, whereby all tools work side-by-side, allowing for a fast and intuitive workflow that's not possible in any other ...
Scripting With Python Handler Functions in Blender
Python can be used for all kinds of things in Blender; for everything from automating tasks to creating custom UIs to developing entirely new, advanced tools like the ...
Jonathan Williamson: "A Good Mesh is Like a Good Brew"
It’s been a long day for Jonathan Williamson. After weeks of crunching code, squaring away bugs and developing documentation, he finally released a new version of Reto...