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With technology information doubling every 18 months, it is more challenging than ever to stay up to date while keeping students competitive in the rapidly evolving digital art industry. Partner your school with CG Cookie's online platform to help build and grow your game development, 3D animation, or 2D illustration programs.

Over 5,000 artists subscribe to CG Cookie to teach them the skills necessary to be successful in digital art. Upgrade your classroom today.

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    Culture: “My Students Use Blender Exclusively” says High School Teacher

A Turnkey Solution for Teaching Blender in the Classroom

At CG Cookie, we firmly believe that Personalized Learning is the best approach to classroom learning. It combines face-to-face classroom training with technology and its benefits range from increased student motivation to higher knowledge retention.

Through years of working with educators, we know that putting together a curriculum isn't easy. This is why, after months of research and work, we are launching our very own Blender Curriculum, paired with CG Cookie content, to help teachers springboard their class.

Our Standards based curriculum aligns with Career & Technical Education, thereby providing students with the framework needed to advance in today's evolving marketplace.

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