SculptJanuary 2019 - Day 2 Final

Theme : Mood - Delight Day 2, Done! So I wasn't confident enough to tackle a face sculpt just yet so interpreted the prompt as a question. What are some symbols of delight? And I just started thinking of small children because it very easy to read their emotions and what are the kinds of things that cause them delight. I thought ice cream, kids love ice cream and are usually smiling and happy when enjoying one so decided to sculpt an ice cream cone. Now what went wrong. I tried to add a waffle like texture to the cone as I imagined it being a waffle cone and failed, miserably. But now I know what needs to be worked on. I added a WIP picture where you can see what I attempted. Now I am sure the route I went was wrong but that's what I had attempted and again it's all a learning process.
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