Salon moderne a` La Colle Sur Loup Final

Design | MXMR Architecte&Associes Location | La Colle Sur Loup Year | 2019 Visualization | Xenia for Blanc Studio Soft | 3dsMax + Corona Renderer, Photoshop Note : This version of project was made as an educational one and some things were re-designed. This is a slightly modified old project I created for Blanc Studio. I changed a color scheme to something closer to me. I am always attracted by the organic connection between architecture and landscape. Therefore, I wanted to represent my view on this project MXMR Architecte&Associes .I see this space as an extension of nature. On the one hand, there are natural shades and textures, on the other hand, there are minimalistic forms. The beauty of simple solutions is inspiring. I used shades of green to make the sterile geometric space softer and more comfortable. In my opinion, this project shows to us the importance of natural elements for creating good architecture: light, plants, water.​​​​​​​ I make my projects completely in 3D, except for the background, which does not require detailing, it helps to make the images more realistic.
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