Marta Final

Please, watch HD Still experimenting with skin appearance. First I decide to make her in a realistic manner, but then change a style to semi-real and make her looking more like a doll (glowing skin, very gentle construction of her body, enlarged eyes ). Her skin is too soft (I crank up SSS quite a bit) and I like this glowing effect of her skin, but that produces some problems, like loosing a lot of shadows and contrast overall. Double layer of Ambient Occlusion helps a lot, but probably I will redo my skin shader completely. Her skin composed in photoshop from a bunch of renders in Blender, but hair pass was done in Maya because I have some issues with a Blender-hair. I'm not happy with her pose (that was my first more or less complicated posing process in Zbrush). But I promise that in a next render poses and lighting will be more dramatic.
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