Event Center Backgrounds Final

These sample plates are from a client project undertaken during mid to late 2020. My client had created a successful portal to support their video production services, but show producers were asking for the look of an actual location to frame the portal.

The event center rooms created were driven by what might be found at a convention center. Background plate masters needed to be customizable based on host geographic location and sponsor requirements.

The main rooms consisted of a main entrance hall, exhibit hall entry, exhibit halls,  three separately configurable booth options, networking lounge, auditorium, and a couple of other plain open room configurations.

Each room was modeled in Blender and rendered out as layered exr stills. Those layered files were then opened with exr-io in photoshop so they could be setup for the client to make layer adjustments, activations and customizations as needed for any particular event. Examples would be changing character positions and visibility, booth elements or hosts, the type of flooring, etc.

The clients budget, deadline, and lack of knowledge of 3D tools determined the final overall approach. Due to the workload the site developers were already under, I had to stick to a pretty rigid camera and dynamic placeholder setup. 

I modeled the architectural elements, rendered the multilayer exrs, created the photoshop master plates, as well as creating the svg masters in adobe illustrator which determined the  registration and location for the dynamic page content.

The characters, lounge and lobby furniture, theater seating, and theater rigging components were licensed assets from Blender Market, Turbosquid, Render People, 3D people, Chocofur.

Most of these are clean plates with some samples of how they were integrated in an event. Not all rooms or booths are represented but I hope it's a good cross section. 

Thank you for taking the time to review and please let me know your thoughts. I know there is a lot of room for improvement!

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