Dog puzzle/Game Work In Progress

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Concept for a dog puzzle/game. The dog needs to fill the top tray with weights and pushes the compartment down till a treat slides out. What s cool is that ive found some variations to get a human involved for 1 vs 1 action where you have to try and get the weights from the dog to prevent them from filling the bowl. There would be an area around the contraption where you re not allowed to go , like a invisible goalie net to not make it too hard for the dog. Im also thinking of variations with 2 units at opposing ends but have nt worked out the "kinks" yet. Im going to build a prototype, if anyone wants to get involved feel free to contact me. im not looking to patent it, i looked into it and its not really worth it im also not willing to pay for mass production, It ll be worth it if i can make a few dogs happier. There might be an issue if the dog realizes he can just push the top down with his paw , im going to think of a way to prevent that
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