All Quad Junction - Diamont 3-2 Junction Final

Just experimentation and exploration with various modelling tools while following; Flow: Modeling in Blender Course, Blender Mesh Modeling Bootcamp, Lesson: All Quad Junctions . If you like accurate modelling then read on! - Spin (Alt+R) with dupli enabled (-> Its like a screw modifier in edit mode) - Set edge Lenght (Tools -> MeshEditTools -> Edge -> Set edge Lenght (not sure if its an addon) - Angle Off Edge -> (edit mode) W -> Edge Tools -> Angle Off Edge __________This allows you to create edges out of excisting ones, while manually setting the angle and edge lenght of the -> = shorter way of: (Vertex extrude -> Edge select and "Set edge Lenght" (counterclockwise) -> Cursor to vertex (.) -> rotate the new edge with the Cursor as pivotpoint. - Symmetrise - Ruler/Protractor; (T) -> Grease Pencil -> Grease Pencil -> Tools: Ruler/Protractor. __________This allows you to measure exact lenghts of you edges (it snaps with ctrl). Plus allows you to measure exactly any angles, by click and pull the line after you create it. - Knife = OP just like J.
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