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Oct 2nd 2023

October always electrifies the global artist community, what with Inktobers launching, the Blender Conference in Amsterdam, and the creative energy the Halloween season brings.

So, what's brewing 🧙‍♀️this October at CG Cookie? We're winding down our monthly discount promotion, attending the Blender Conference, rolling out new tutorials, and presenting a community challenge awaiting your participation.

Please join in on this exciting time of year; we cannot wait to see what you create. 🎃
  • Join us at the Blender Conference in Amsterdam
  • New Modifier Course to be released
  • Denoise, a podcast about Blender season finale
  • Winding down our monthly subscription discount
  • Halloween Blender Community Challenge

Traveling to the Blender Conference in Amsterdam

This year's Blender conference in Amsterdam is from October 26th to 28th. Our sister project, the Blender Market, is a silver sponsor, so please be sure to stop by the table to say hello to Amber, Jason, and Jonathan on Thursday, the 26th. 

We're hosting a Blender creator meetup and participating in a few talks to keep a lookout for the schedule. 

I cannot encourage this more if you've never attended a Blender Conference in Amsterdam. It's a great way to meet face-to-face with many community members, learn, and fuel the tanks with enough motivation to carry you through the following year. 

If you cannot make it to the Amsterdam conference, no worries; there is now a North America Blender conference coming up in April of 2024, hosted by CG Cookie(Us!)

New Blender Training - MODIFY

It's an exciting time to be a member of CG Cookie, with new courses releasing and the imminent release of MACRO in November. This month, you can expect two helpful Blender tutorials to help elevate you in your Blender journey.


Stay tuned for November, when Kent's long-anticipated MACRO is scheduled for release, and we've got you covered for the Blender 4.0 release with a reboot of our basics with Jonathan Lampel.

See what's coming soon. 

DENOISE | A podcast about Blender

What's happening in the Blender world? CG Cookie hosts this podcast and cuts through the noise surrounding the leading open-source 3D software. 


Some of the best-known Blender teachers and their prominent guests take a fresh look at current Blender discussions with expertise and humor.

The final episode of season one of Denoise drops on October 6th. 

Winding down our monthly subscription offer

For much of this year, we've offered a special discount for you to save 50% off your first three months with CG Cookie. Our mission is to foster and elevate creatives in the Blender community, and I hope this helps to do just that. 

While all great offers eventually conclude, we hope you'll be able to take advantage of this offer and get an early start in 2024. 

Early adopters can save 50% off their first three months of a monthly subscription to CG Cookie; from there, the price slowly goes up after Oct 15th and on the 22nd. 

Grab your subscription earlier in the month to take advantage of the opportunity before the price increases. 

  • Oct 2nd - 15th - Early adopters save 50% off the first three months, 
  • Oct 16th - 22nd - 35% off for the first three months. 
  • Oct 23rd - Oct 31st - 20% off of the first two months. Use Code: october20 at checkout.

Join the Halloween Community Challenge!


Drawing inspiration from the captivating "SESSIONS: Minimalism" course by CG Cookie, we invite you to breathe life into Halloween's essence through your 3D renders.

Picture a full moon inhabited by flitting bats or a graveyard transitioning eerily from daylight to a haunting night. Envision a museum dominated by a glowing Jack-o'-lantern beneath a moonlit sky.

Embrace the spirit from October 1st to the witching hour of October 31st. And as the clock strikes midnight, let the magic begin!

Read more about this month's challenge and how to participate.

In conclusion

October buzzes with energy in the Blender community, and we're riding that wave here at CG Cookie.

Our team will be en route to Amsterdam for the Blender Conference; Blender 4.0 is on the brink of release, the seasons are shifting, and our content ovens are fired up, producing fresh Blender materials for you to delve into in the coming months. Truly, it's an exciting season for the Blender community.

Come aboard this month. Tackle a challenge, gain new insights, and embark on your Blender odyssey with CG Cookie. 


Wes Burke
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