9 Simple Blender 3D Projects for Beginners

Sep 19th 2023

Looking for simple Blender tutorials and projects to learn Blender?

Once you're completed with these projects I'd recommend checking out the free Press Start course to tackle your first Blender project. 

Here are 9 beginner-friendly Blender 3D tutorials to practice your skills!

The "Let's Build it in Blender" Show

If you're new here - welcome! CG Cookie is your home for learning Blender. 

Here on our site, we bring full-length Blender courses to our Citizen members. 

We also run a few shows on YouTube, including "Let's Build it in Blender" which covers simple workflows that build something cool, fun, and easy to follow (even for beginners). 

Here are all the "Let's Build it in Blender" episodes.

Your host is our friend Charlie "Chunck" Trafagander who will show you what to do (and, just as important, what not to do) to create your next great project.

Let's dive in!

Make a Table Lamp in Blender

The first episode explores the workflow for making a simple pivot desk lamp.

This is a great Blender workflow using bevels and subsurface modifiers.

Yes, it's a hard-surface modeling match made in heaven. 

Download the table lamp .blend file

Model a Bonsai Tree

In the second episode, Chunck tries his hand at being a green-thumb and cultivating a Bonsai tree. 

Here is his general workflow in Blender taken to create it! 

Download the bonsai tree .blend file

Make a Low Poly Urban Building

Learn how to develop a low-poly building in Blender.

This workflow uses various instancing and modifier techniques.

The best part: you can use these to create a variety of low-poly environments, fast. 

Download the low poly building .blend file

Build a Subway Train Cart

In this episode, Chunck goes all out to recreate a subway cart scene in Eevee.

This workflow runs longer than the others, as we will model all of the essential parts.

We will also develop convincing materials and end it up by composing a quality render.

Download the subway train cart .blend file

Build a Machine and Piston Blender Rig

Machine and piston aka a robot arm?

Let's build it! Yes, this is going to become your very own fist-bumping machine.

In this episode, learn how to take a robotic mesh and develop a robust rig.

We'll be using Inverse Kinematics and Constraints and as fancy as that sounds, this is a simple workflow you can follow along.

Download the machine and piston rig .blend file



In this episode, follow Chunck as he explores his culinary side in developing a hand-painted pizza, fresh out of the Blender oven.

This pizza is a low poly beauty, ready to sink your teeth into.

*Warning: It is not advised to eat a pizza that has been painted on*

Download the low poly pizza .blend file

Witch Ingredients on a Shelf

In this Halloween-themed Blender workflow, follow along with Chunck as he prepares his ingredients shelf for any and all witch-y incantations. 

This workflow goes from blocking out the basic shapes to full-on sculpting.

We'll be making a shelf and placing the following ingredients on it: a jar, a cork, a scroll, a mushroom (of course), and a fang.

This is a great workflow for practicing quick sculpted iterations of simple objects.

Download the ingredients and shelf .blend file

Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Costume

In this Blender workflow, we're modeling a Halloween costume for CG Cookie's mascot, the Melvin monster! 

This time, we won't spend a ton of time blocking out the shapes, we'll get right to it. 

With just a few modifiers, we'll be creating our Melvin model from scratch and adding a spooky glowing Jack-O-Lantern outfit. 

Including - of course - a cute little pumpkin hat.

Download the Melvin monster in a costume .blend file

Animated Sci-Fi Door

Follow along with Chunck as he bevels, rigs, and animates his way to a fully realized sci-fi door.

We'll cover some tips on how to easily develop the geometry of the door, the benefits of using bones for animations, and close out the video by creating a simple, yet interesting opening animation.

Download the sci-fi door .blend file

Looking for another Blender Project? 


Blender beginners, this project is made for you: practice basic Blender workflows like modeling, texturing, and lighting. Create your very own Blender model and learn the essentials of 3D creation. PRESS START.

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