UVs & Texture Painting - BC1-1908 - Week 2

Live Stream Host: Kent Trammell
  • Software:Blender 2.8x  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

This stream is part of week 2 in the August 2019 Class: "Get Started Building Stuff with Blender 2.8"

Plain gray models can be boring. So we paint them with colors! This is where "textures" work their magic. But before we can paint on our 3D models, we have to layout UVs. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry. After you watch the texturing chapter and the live event for this week, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

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  1. Week 01 - 3D Modeling with Blender 2.8
  2. Week 02 - UVs and Texture Painting
  3. Week 03 - Shading and Lighting with Eevee
  4. Week 04 - Class Wrap