Modeling Heavy Equipment: Backhoe (Part 4)

Live Stream Host: Kent Trammell
  • Software:Blender 2.82  ·
  • Difficulty:Advanced

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The mega collaboration cannot be stopped ✊

Our 3D backhoe model is progressing quickly toward the final product. Progressing past the initial block out stages, we're starting to finalize the hard-surface pieces of the machine. In part 4, I'd like to cover the creation of hydraulic lines (like I said I would last time), answer any questionable modeling situations like in part 3, and / or simply model in real time for an hour or two. However given that I'm predicting this a month away, these topics are subject to change.

A CGC Community Project

This complex model is a collaborative effort between instructor and Citizen members. If you're interested in the project please jump over to the Forum Thread to learn more!

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