Interview with Director & Animator Hjalti Hjalmarsson

Live Stream Host: Jonathan Lampel
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Hjalti Hjalmarsson is an excellent animator, director, rigger, and layout artist from Iceland. Lately he's been working on the open movie projects with the Blender Institute, including Caminandes, Cosmos Laundromat, Glass Half, Agent 327, and more! 

In this interview, Jonathan Lampel and Wayne Dixon will be talking with Hjalti about Blender productions, his workflow, and how he's learned to be a better animator. 

Things mentioned:

Early Agent 327 test (unlisted): 

Dweebs shot: https://twitter.com/hjalti/status/907611840984834048

Character rigs:

Red Nelb - coming soon (it’s already completed and Daniel M Lara has given permission to release it)

BBB Bird - Coming soon(??)


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