Blender Film Review: "Elephants Dream"

Live Stream Host: Kent Trammell
  • Difficulty:Beginner

We're going way back in time to the dark ages of computer graphics: 2006. Blender had been open source for only 3 years when Ton Roosendaal and his Blender Foundation decides to challenge convention and make a legitimate animated short film. The result was "Elephants Dream". It sent ripples through the computer graphics industry, being compared to the likes of Pixar. It also pushed Blender's development forward, proving to the world what was possible *without* expensive commercial applications.

Directed by Bassam Kurdali and a 6-person artist team, this film made history. Today Lampel and I are reviewing "Elephants Dream" with special guest Tim Von Rueden! Join us as we consider the film's narrative, artistry, and technical execution.