• Nathan Foster(blenderrender1993)

    Thanks Kent!

  • Aaron Rudderham(thecabbagedetective)

    Good stream as always guys, see you soon!

  • Pavel Mazanik(nekronavt)

    Thank you for stream! See you, folks.

  • Glauco Ulcigrai(glauco-ulcigrai)

    So interesting class...thanks a lot!

  • Pavel Mazanik(nekronavt)

    Most of the Substance Painter generators are based on AO, Curvature etc

  • Christina McKay(chrismckay)
  • Aaron Rudderham(thecabbagedetective)

    Ah yeah, that makes sense. Thanks!

  • Christina McKay(chrismckay)

    Ah, that is the site of Jesus Ramirez. Photoshop God

  • Dragonice (dragonice69)

    Wow. Thank you for amazing lesson :)

  • silentheart00

    Cool beans!

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This event is part of the October 2018 Class, "Shading & Lighting with Blender"

This first week is a shading and lighting crash course. We're overviewing render engines like Cycles, Eevee, material properties, node editing, mixing BSDFs, the Principled shader, lamps, HDRI's, and Global Illumination.


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