• c
    Wilco Wilbrink(carrotnl)

    Thank you Kent!

  • s

    thanks for the stream @theluthier ! good luck everyone :)

  • Kent Trammell(theluthier)

    The Node Wrangler addon is a tool with a bunch of macros that make node editing easier.

  • n647

    bye and thanks

  • Jake Korosi(jakeblended)

    Yes Rita, Node Wrangler works in 2.8 but it's not on by default, you must turn it on yourself

  • Dragonice (dragonice69)

    Thank You. bb :)

  • Pavel Mazanik(nekronavt)

    Thanks for the stream and for the company. As usual :)

  • m

    thank u Sensei

  • Grady Pruitt(gradyp)

    thanks for the stream, Kent!

  • Ben Reichel(notcastanza)

    Thanks! Always great content!

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This event is part of the October 2018 Class, "Shading & Lighting with Blender"

Character lighting is a very intentional art and how to do it well is often a mystery. This week we'll look at how to develop striking character renders, build simple materials that accentuate your model, and even how to "paint" you character with light for more surreal effects.


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