• Omar Domenech(dostovel)

    Longest livestream record

  • Omar Domenech(dostovel)

    It is still live

  • William Miller(williamatics)

    @jlampel It still says that this event is live; you might want to turn it off.

  • Jonathan Lampel(jlampel)

    Thanks for coming, hope you found it useful! See you next week 👋

  • Omar Domenech(dostovel)

    Till next time

  • v

    thanks for the stream

  • Omar Domenech(dostovel)

    That's just standard practice at this point

  • William Miller(williamatics)

    Hard OOPS, it cut out early.

  • Omar Domenech(dostovel)

    Thanks for the stream

  • Thibaut Bourbon(tbrbn)

    thank you so much! it was really inspiring!!

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The Infamous HardOps and BoxCutter - Worth Learning? 

There's a lot of hype around the addons HardOps and BoxCutter by TeamC, and for good reason! In this live stream, join me in a chat about what they do, how to use them, and what their limitations are. You can grab a copy using the links above if you'd like to come prepared with questions or to model along with the demonstration. 

Featured image based on a box concept by Sverker Castillo

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