• Omar Domenech(dostovel)

    Great set of streams. I learned not to be afraid of Add ons and actually wanting a couple of these

  • a
    Morten Fjellheim(arev)


    Sorry, here is one that works

  • a
    Morten Fjellheim(arev)

    Again....here is the link to the discord server

  • Matthew Ullrey(ullreym)

    Thanks Jonathan

  • c
    Wilco Wilbrink(carrotnl)

    Every body have a nice day (or night).

  • Jake Korosi(jakeblended)

    Those of you who'll be taking the class, see you all next week!

  • Jonathan Lampel(jlampel)

    Good afternoon everyone, thanks for coming! 🙌

  • s
    Stef _f(stefos)

    thank you, interesting presentation

  • silentheart00

    See y'all later!

  • Christina McKay(chrismckay)

    Thanks for the stream. Now I go and play with my 2 new toys. :-) CU

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Ready to be a Mesh Modeling Machine? 

Join me in another addon showcase stream as we continue hard surface modeling, this time adding DECALmachine and MESHmachine by MACHIN3 to our toolbelt. We'll talk about what they are, how they work, and where they belong in a game art workflow. You can grab a copy using the links above if you'd like to come prepared with questions and / or follow along with the demonstration.  

Community Modeling