• Software:Blender 2.8x  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Let’s learn how to navigate the Blender’s 3D viewport using a 3-button mouse.

For those of you who use any other mouse hardware (2-button mouse, trackpad, trackball, etc.), try watching the “Navigating the 3D Viewport (Other Mouse)” lesson in this course. You can mark this lesson as "watched" by marking the green button next to the lesson title.

What mouse should you get?

If you're feverishly scouring Amazon for a high-tech 3-button mouse, here's some advice: don't.

"I have a $9 mouse Logitech M110r mouse that's lasted me 7 years so far," says Wayne Dixon, CG Cookie's animation trainer. "It's basic, fits in my hand easily, is light and wired because I hate having to find batteries."

Our Blender instructor Kent Trammell seconds this: "I personally use the cheapest mouse I could find on Amazon. It works perfectly with Blender."