How to Create Your Own Sculpting Tools

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Course Overview

Chapter 01 - Sculpting Mediums

Learn all about the differences between the most popular sculpting mediums. Get to know the pros and cons and see each material in action. Links to suppliers of various materials can be found here:

Chapter 02 - Sculpting Tools

Find out what types of sculpting tools are available to you, what the differences are, and how to create your own. Find links to various tools and supplies here:

Chapter 03 - Wire Armatures

You will learn what wire armatures are, what different types there are and what they are used for and when they become important.

Chapter 04 - Molds, Molding Rubbers & Casting Materials

This extensive introductory chapter will focus on the differences between the various types of molds, molding rubbers and casting materials. You will learn about the terms associated with the various materials as well as see some examples for additives for casting materials.

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    What kind of pencil sharpener do you have? Looked neat

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Continued Learning

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