Final Polish

  • Software:Photoshop CS6  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Here is the final result of the female character series, “Red“. Character_Series06_FinalPolish2 1. Background We have been working on a neutral gray background for this entire process so now I work with a combo of gradiants and texture brushes to create a nice background effect.   1011 2. DoF (Depth of Field) To add some atmospheric perspective, I add some DoF by erasing some of the elements that are further back or behind the character. The further away it is, the more I would erase. For the hair I created a nice gradiant from full opacity to about a 40% opacity. 202 3. Textures and Overlays I bring in textures and set the layer mode as either overlay or multiply depending on the situation after masking the character. For this character I wanted a sunny disposition so I added a  yellow/orange glow to the character on a separate overlay layer. 303 4. Texture Brushes This is a great way to add more final details onto the character and for the magenta color addition, a nice layer mask helped keep within the silhouette of the character. 404 5. Signing off! After all the work you put into your character, now is the time to sign your work. You are putting your signature stamp on this piece saying that this is your work and you are proud of it. Every time I sign a piece I think about how great it feels to be done and I get excited to get started on the next! 505