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Bump Map

  • Software:Blender  ·
  • Difficulty:Advanced

Procedural Leather Material

Several users have suggested “leather” to be an episode in the Shader Forge series, so here it is! Leather makes a good candidate because it’s used fairly often for things like car interiors, furniture, and clothing among others. So an artist’s material library would benefit from a flexible material that’s not restricted by image textures and UVs.

What’s the key to unlocking believable leather?

The most important part of this material is going to be the bump map. The color will likely change across a wide spectrum, as in reality, and can often be a solid RGB value without variation (like a black leather couch for example). The surface texture that comes from animal skin is the most recognizable characteristic of leather. This pattern can be achieved by layering multiple voronoi textures together in a similar but inverse fashion as the wave displacement from the Bodies of Water lesson. Since the CGC Shader Totem object isn’t an ideal shape for showcasing organic leather, the last lesson in this mini-course will demonstrate how our material can be applied to a more appropriate model – Specifically the black leather sofa pictured below.

sofa_01 chair_01 chair_02