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Learning Art Fundamentals Doesn't Have to Take Years

Master the basics with no-fluff training, then apply them with hands-on exercises. Explore some of the concept art courses, exercises, and tutorials below to get an idea of what CG Cookie has to offer.

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    Learning Flow: Concept Art Fundamentals

    Start your journey towards creating your own worlds and characters as you master the fundamental techniques of digital fine arts.

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    Learning Flow: Traditional Drawing

    Master the craft of traditional mediums as we first explore the tools and techniques of creating pieces with pencil sketching.

Digital Artists Need to Understand Art Fundamentals, Period.

Learning the foundations of drawing will help you create better characters, models and games. Working concept art into your learning schedule is helpful for any artist pursuing other categories on CG Cookie.

  • Wwt concept shape form
    Shape and Form

    Explore the basics of everything you create as an artist: 3 basic shapes and their related forms.

  • Wwt concept color lighting
    Color and Lighting

    Learn the timeless rules of color selection and use lighting to your advantage.

  • Wwt concept own characters
    Your Own Characters

    Cover the technical, aesthetic, and personality aspects of creating compelling and realistic characters.

  • Wwt concept bring it together
    Bring It All Together

    Understand the role of a concept artist in a modern creative pipeline with our cross-discipline learning flows.

Concept Art F.A.Q.

  • I want to create in 3D. Why should I care about concept art?

    Because having a solid foundation in digital painting will make you a more successful 3D artist. Understanding light, color and perspective is essential to creating quality renders and scenes that feel real.

  • Is concept art important in games and films?

    Concept art is where every game or film idea begins and concept artists have the crucial role of visualizing ideas and giving shape to the project. Understanding what concept artists do is essential for modelers, texturing artists, game devs and other team members so they can work together effectively.

  • But what if I’m not good at drawing?

    Like every skill, drawing can be learned - and maybe you haven’t been taught the right way! That’s why we start with the fundamentals of shapes, forms and color so you can train your eye to start seeing as an artist. With a little practice, the rest will follow soon.

  • What drawing software do you teach?

    The majority of CG Cookie tutorials are based on Photoshop, though the User Interface is similar for most software packages. You can easily follow our training using a free painting program like Krita or GIMP.

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