Your digital art skills start here. Understand the universal laws of drawing to unlock your full potential.

Learning Art Fundamentals Doesn't Have to Take Years

  • Shape and Form

    Explore the basics of everything you create as an artist: 3 basic shapes and their related forms.

  • Color and Lighting

    Learn the timeless rules of color selection and use lighting to your advantage.

  • Your Own Characters

    Cover the technical, aesthetic, and personality aspects of creating compelling and realistic characters.

  • Bring it All Together

    Understand the role of a concept artist in a modern creative pipeline with our cross-discipline learning flows.

Boost Your Art Skills from The Ground Up.

A well-rounded artist is the most valuable artist. Learning the foundations of drawing will help you create better characters, models and games.

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Want a taster first?  Watch Concept Basics for free, or explore our library of concept art training.

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