TREAD: Game Ready Tractor Tire Model free

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Download this game-ready tractor tire. 

This is a high and low-polygonal version of the model we created throughout the TREAD tutorial streaming on CG Cookie.

Included are the texture maps we create using Substance Painter. The low-poly model is completely UV unwrapped, and will provide a great resource for practicing texture baking and texturing when used in conjunction with the high-poly model. 

License: CC-0

As a public domain resource, you can use this library for any purpose, including commercial use. We hope to see these assets serve as a backdrop for a commercial or web series, featured in an animated short film, used in a game, or really anything!

While attribution is not required, we certainly appreciate "CG Cookie" being credited as the source (especially providing a link to this page) in youtube descriptions, social media posts, etc.

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