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Facial Features Reference and Tip Guides

The face is a constant feature you will have to draw over and over and over and over and over again. So these guides are meant to be small reminders and tips that you can refer back to while working on the face including: the eyes, nose, lips, and ears. Be sure to practice these features at different angles and with different shapes, volume, skin tone, and size. Facial features are not the same from person to person so you want to know how to adapt to any kind of final look!

The Features Included

While there are other features including on the anatomical form of a human, this pack has the four you can download.

  1. Eyes: The windows into the soul. These are considered by many artists to be their favorite feature to draw and recreate. So take you time understanding the different types of eyes and how they are shapes. Know the difference between the pupil, cornea, and iris!

  2. Nose: The center of the face and often shapes the entire look of a person. The nose can widely vary with size and shape so learn how to shade them properly without looking "flat".

  3. Lips: If there was one facial feature I hear the most grief about, it would be the lips. These are tricky to recreate without looking like there is a fresh coat of lipstick or gloss on them. They are lumpy, wrinkly, and these will take some analyzing to get down!

  4. Ears: Ears can be summed up with a "Hook, Y, and a Bump". This simple trio is how I remember how to draw an ear every single time and I hope it helps you as well. They can be rather organic looking so you can be lenient with the final results. 



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