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A free (CC-0) 3D asset library for creating adorably simplistic cities

The CUBICITY-branded asset library is a public-domain collection of 3D models and materials. The collection is designed around a simplified, adorable aesthetic with efficient model structure. It's a growing, evolving collection built by the CG Cookie Community and curated by Kent Trammell.

This library began as the subject of an in-depth training course focused on creating and utilizing asset libraries with Blender. To learn how to create assets like this, watch the course!

NOTE: This library is designed for Blender and not prepared for generic import to other 3D apps. Assets are dependent on Blender's tools and systems including procedural shader structures (i.e. no image textures), geometry nodes, and library linking functionality.

If you wanted to convert the library to be used outside of Blender, it could be done - and perfectly legal - but the endeavor would require significant modification through texture baking as well as collapsing the dynamic functionality of geometry node objects.

License: CC-0

As a public domain resource, you can use this library for any purpose, including commercial use. We hope to see these assets serve as a backdrop for a commercial or web series, featured in an animated short film, used in a game, or really anything!

While attribution is not required, we certainly appreciate "CG Cookie" being credited as the source (especially providing a link to this page) in youtube descriptions, social media posts, etc.

Enjoy this resource no strings attached!


Setting a library path will allow you to drag and drop Cubicity assets into any Blender scene.

STEP 1: Download and unzip the as found in the upper right corner of this page. Once unzipped, open Blender and navigate to Asset Library paths via the Edit Menu > Preferences > File Paths > Asset Libraries

STEP 2: Click the + button to add a new library path.  You want to navigate to: cgcookie_cubicity_asset-library_vXX\cubicity_ASSETS_vXX. You can rename the Library if you want. I recommend leaving it default (the directory name).

STEP 3: With the library path established, switch to (or create) an Asset Browser panel in Blender's UI. Then select the library from the dropdown.

STEP 4: You should see the library icons and categories populate automatically. From here I recommend switching the import type to Link at the top of the Asset Browser. Any of the methods will work but make sure you understand the difference in their functions.

There's one important step when linking parametric (geometry node) assets, as denoted with "parametric" in the name or tagged with the term in the Asset Browser. These require a library override to unlock their transforms and adjustable modifier parameters.

STEP 5: At this point you're ready to drag and drop from the Asset Browser to your 3D window and populate your city!


1. Why can't I see materials in the Asset Browser?

Check the filter options to ensure "Materials" isn't unchecked.

2. Why don't the assets have edge highlighting?

Make sure you enable Ambient Occlusion in your Eevee render settings, which is required for edge highlighting to function.

Still have questions?

If anything is unclear about using the Cubicity Asset Library, don't hesitate to ask questions in this forum thread 👇

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