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This generic 3D head was created in Blender so that you can follow along with my Blender character tutorials found on CG Cookie, such as creating hair or painting in layers. 

What's inside the download

When you download the files you should get a .blend file and some textures. Inside the .blend file is the head and hair, which you might recognize from the Blender hair video tutorial. 

This is here mainly for presentation purposes so if you haven’t yet followed the hair tutorial I would recommend creating your own style from scratch

Hair, Eyes, Brows, Lashes

As well as hair we also have some eyes (which may be covered in a future video) together with the brows, lashes and a high poly and low poly version of the head in case you wanted to experiment with both. 

If you open up a shader editor you can check how the shaders are setup for textures. Some are procedural and some use the texture maps provided. 

Great Even for Rigging Practice

The model has a mouth and teeth and has been retopologized, should you wish to practice your rigging. 

Again, this is a tool for practicing the ideas I talk about in the tutorials so if you have any trouble or notice something that might need adjusting just let me know. I look forward to seeing what you can do with it; make sure to share your work in CG Cookie Gallery!

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