SculptBox: Introduction to your Clay Sculpting Kit

Guest Instructor

What is the SculptBox?

Update: We've decided to focus all of our attention on our digital content. The SculptBox project was crazy fun to build, and thank you to all that supported it. This course leans on the SculptBox contents, but could be followed along with similar materials. 

Having the Right Tools is Just Half the Battle

But that is not all: to make your start in sculpting is as pain-free as possible, we've included access to streaming tailor-made HD training videos showing you how to use the tools in the kit, plus step-by-step guidance for your very first sculpting project (yes, it's a monster). Sculptbox - Clay Sculpting Kit

So...Who Made The SculptBox?

The crew behind the kit are the humans of CG Cookie, a training site for independent sculptors and digital artists. Over the years, we have taught 1000s of new artists the right techniques, until we realized: we're great at teaching people how to sculpt, but what about the rights tools? So far, it's been on the learner to do the legwork and get their own equipment.

The Trouble With Sculpting

We know the thought process of every new sculptor: Every new sculptor asks themselves: What supplies do I really need? Which brand should I choose? Should I buy them online or at a store?  Add to that the hours spent reading product reviews, multiple trips to the store or shopping online and spending more money on shipping. By the time you've finally stocked up on supplies, the initial excitement can begin to wear off.

Making Sculpting Pain-Free and Affordable

At CG Cookie, we believe that starting to sculpt shouldn't be this hard. If only there was a magical box with every essential tool in it, plus the best training, right at your fingertip, we thought. So we decided to create it: the ultimate starter sculpting box to end the set-up pain of new sculptors once and for all. 

After Years of Tweaking, We've Perfected the SculptBox

After 2 years of development, countless discussions with professional sculptors, more than 15 prototypes and redesigns, the Sculpting Box is finally here, paired with the education trusted by sculptors worldwide. When it came to assembly, we didn't cut any corners, either. Every single SculptBox is put together by hand, from pouring clay and cutting boards to even making some of the tools. Wrapped up with love by a real human and shipped off from the CG Cookie studio in Geneva, Illinois. 

Are you a teacher?

Are you a teacher looking to get SculptBox for your School? Drop us an email to with question and how we could help.

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