single rigging

Rigging Tank Treads in Blender

Guest Instructor

Rigging tank treads can be extremely frustrating. There are many techniques that *almost* work, but each has its drawbacks. In this course, we’ll work with you to learn how to build a good tank tread system that solves all of the drawbacks with the common methods. To get you started we will begin by examining the various methods that are commonly used for treads and we’ll look at why these methods often fail, then we’ll look at a unique method of doing it that overcomes these problems. Finally we’ll go through the process of actually building a whole tank tread system that works!

What you’ll learn:

  - Compare several common methods for tank treads and learn their downsides - How to overcome the common problems - Learn how to use vertex parenting for perfect treads that don’t deform - Make use of curve modifiers and constraints to build a functioning tank tread - Build a tread system with automatic steering

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