single rigging

Mechanical Rigging of a Fighter Jet in Blender

Guest Instructor

Most rigging tutorials focus on the use of Armatures. In this course, however, we'll rig a complete aircraft model in Blender using only constraints, empties, and parenting relationships.

This allows for very fast rigging with no need for weight painting of any kind (whew!). It's not too useful for characters, but it works great for mechanical objects like this fighter jet.

Use Parenting and Constraints for easy rigging

This course will teach you all you need to know in order to rig your own mechanical objects, be it vehicles, machinery, or even robots.

  • Learn the basics of various constraints, including the Track To, Locked Track, and Transformation constraints
  • Make use of specific parenting, empties, and object origins for accurate and fast hinge effects
  • Create offset rig sequences, making more dynamic rigs that seem to animate themselves

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Awarded upon completion:
100xp +
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