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Make Your 3D Characters run in Blender: How To Make A Run Cycle Animation

Wayne Dixon

In this Blender 3D animation tutorial, join Wayne as he brings CG Cookie's iconic character, Melvin, to life with a lively cartoony run.

While our spotlight is on character animation, we're skipping the rigging part for this one. For those keen on mastering rigging, don't miss our Fundamentals of Rigging Blender Course!

In 5 lessons, learn how to create a run cycle for any Blender character.

Setting up, Animating, Rendering

This course shows you the entire process from setting up the file, animating Melvin and then rendering out the viewport blender render animation.

None of the footage is sped up or done off-screen - so you get to see everything.

What you'll learn in this Blender course:

  • How to set up your Blender animations and decide what your key poses are
  • How to use Library Overrides to link in the character
  • How to organize your files (no mess!)
  • How to create the main poses, as well as the rest of the animation
  • What tools to use to mirror your animation and save you time
  • Refining the animation (the arm movement is as important as the legs)
  • Cleanup: how to tidy up any lose ends and make your character move forward

Yes, Wayne makes mistakes along the way... you don't have to! Animation cycles are riddled with pitfalls. 

Wayne will make a bunch of common mistakes and show you how to avoid and fix them.

Ready? Get your running shoes on and let's do this!

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Awarded upon completion:
100xp +
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