Intro to Motion Graphics Backgrounds with the Video Sequence Editor

Guest Instructor

Communication is all about the message.

The question, though, is how do you make your message stand out? You don’t camouflage a sign in the forest and youdontwritewithoutspaces. So the answer is framing or background. Give your message contrast and you can see it more clearly. If you need to create effective titles or messages quickly there are some techniques that are easy to set up using Blender’s Mask tools, 3D view and the VSE. They are super quick and with some design fundamentals, they can look great too.

What You Will Learn

In this series we will learn about simple color theory and how to deploy online tools to find color schemes that are harmonious and dynamic. We will discover different ways to produce contrast in images, from hues to values and many more besides. Then we dive into asset creation, finding the quickest ways to generate motion and variation. Discover the wonderful world of un-natural lighting, where the motivation is drama and supporting the message, instead of earnest reality. We generate shadows with emotion from lightweight assets that won’t tax your system, even if you are using a Pentium PC with Windows 97. Together we will uncover the mysteries of Blender Masks in motion graphics, picking our way down the path rarely taken in polite Blender company. Discovering the pitfalls of Mask keyframes and learning how to overcome the problem of single-use masks. Finally in lessons 6-7 we will put all of our knowledge to the test and create a title package that will delight your family and friends, and maybe impress your clients too.

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