Creating Grass in Blender

Jonathan Lampel

Create believable grass for animation or VFX

Grass is tricky to get right, but if you set it up once you can reuse and tweak it again and again extremely quickly. It is just about everywhere outside, so it’s really handy to know how to render it well. This course covers everything you’ll need to make it your own:

  • modeling
  • shading
  • particle instancing
  • animation
  • weight painting
  • and more!

We’ll cover two different ways of creating grass – hair particles and mesh particles. Since they both have their advantages and disadvantages, we’ll cover why you would want to use one over another, or the best ways to use them in combination.

Music: December Nights by cdk, Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.

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Awarded upon completion:
100xp +
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