single rigging

Creating an Advanced Cartoon Eye Rig

Guest Instructor

See how to rig cartoon eyes!

When creating cartoon characters, we often need to deform their eye shape past the traditional sphere. The deformation creates the desired cartoonish effect, but also leads to several challenges. First, we want to maintain the eye’s rotation around its center as if it were still a sphere, even though it is now deformed. Second, we seldom want the iris and pupil to deform with the eye shape. Instead, it is preferable that they remain circular. As if those two issues weren’t tricky enough, we also want the pupil to be capable of contracting and dilating – independent of the main eye’s deformation! These requirements are pretty complex, but there is a powerful solution that allows you to achieve them all, as well as any deformation you could possibly require. Best of all, it is all in a single rig! Check out this course to learn how to tackle these challenges and create a professional looking cartoon eye, including materials, a realistic movement and reflections and finally attaching it to your rig. Each part of the course includes a written “recipe” to help you follow along.

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