Scripting a Custom Rig UI Add-on

Scripting a Custom Rig UI Add-on

When it comes to character rigging and animation, it’s always handy to have custom UI controls available to the animator. In this course Blender veteran, Bassam Kurdali, demonstrates how to add a custom rig UI to Blender’s tool panel using Python scripting.

Chapter 1 - Intro & First Steps

Chapter 2 - Quiz

Chapter 3 - Scripting

Chapter 4 - Quiz

Custom Rig Interfaces

Starting with some basic Python skills, it’s quite simple to begin building your own interfaces in Blender. These user interfaces can be anything from a collection of operators in the toolbar to dynamic properties based on your objects.

In this tutorial we’ll create a Python script that automatically generates a UI for character rigs, creating a more friendly workflow for the animator. This rig will be powered by Custom Properties on a few select bones. If you’re ever wondered what the “Custom Properties” are for on objects and bones, then you’re about to find out. It makes rigging all that much more powerful.

The script that we’ll be writing will create two UI panels, placing them into a new toolbar tab called ‘rigs’ in the Toolbar. The first panel will dynamically loop through the bones in an armature and display any custom properties it finds as sliders. The second panel will use some user-created properties to generate a very simple visibility panel for your controls, allowing you to easily hide or show groups of bones. As a final step, we’ll convert this script into an add-on for portability and convenience, allowing you to easily share it and let other artists use it too.

Among other things you will learn:

– How to use custom properties in an animation
– Find out how to use custom properties and drivers in a rig
– Learn to create a UI panel in Python
– UI Layout Features: prop() and operator()
– Using the Edit Source Button
– Using Python’s List Comprehensions
– Turning a script into an dd-on

Lesson Questions and Answers

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  • I have viewed several of Bassam’s lessons. Looks like they are instructive lessons, but without the model blend file, the lessons fail in delivering an easy to follow procedure.

    Submitted 2 months ago by thad

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  • At 1:18, you access an anim_start.blend file that you mentioned is available in the download files. I cannot find this model.

    Submitted 3 months ago by thad

    No answers yet
  • there seems to be a sound problem in the video: on my side the sound stops playing for a big portion, and starts back after a while: of course this make me miss a big part of the explanation. is there a way to fix that?

    Submitted 6 months ago by Fouad Jeniani

    No answers yet
    • I’m unable to replicate the sound issue. Which browser and OS are you using?

      Submitted 6 months ago by Kent Trammell

    • Not sure what’s going on- maybe there’s a tech support link you can mail?

      Submitted 6 months ago by Bassam Kurdali

  • Where I can file de .blend files for this course? Specially the rig that is using?

    Submitted 6 months ago by mavegap

    No answers yet