HUMAN: Realistic Portrait Creation with Blender

The art of 3D portrait creation demystified. This Blender tutorial course spans over 28 hours of video, teaching the entire process step-by-step from scratch. 100% Blender. No Zbrush, no Substance, no commercial addons or textures. Everything you need to know about creating photorealistic human faces.
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Achieving photorealistic 3D faces is among the most coveted skills in computer graphics

Just look at the curated community page or trending page of ArtStation’s "Digital 3D" category and count the number of realistic portrait and character renders. Whether for movie VFX, video games, NFTs, or simply for the love of the craft, realistic portraiture is a worthwhile and deeply rewarding pursuit.

Realistic hand-crafted CG portraiture is long overdue for demystification. There's too many courses that teach a small part of the process or summarize everything into a workflow demo lasting a few hours that only experienced artists can understand. HUMAN explains every single step of the process in detail for all skill levels to learn from!

Portraits are hard, though. Like, really hard, right?

There’s no sugar-coating it: yes, portraiture is challenging. However, like every creative process in Blender, creating a life-like human face can be learned. (And it has nothing to do with talent, by the way.)

HUMAN is here to prove that you, too, can create realistic human faces with Blender. This is a deep-dive course into the process of portraiture. In five chapters, I lift the veil on all of the workflows, tricks, decision-making and pitfalls that I encountered on the way - and I keep nothing hidden.

  • 100% Blender
  • Over 28 hours of video
  • Fully explained, step by step
  • Includes project files

If you follow along and put in the practice, the results will blow your mind.

Much more than just a step-by-step recipe, this course is a journey into the creative process. In HUMAN, you will witness the entire journey from the default cube - well, sphere actually - to fully-detailed photo-realistic portrait. Together, we will explore the depth of Blender's capability!

What skill level is this course for?

From the beginning, I designed this course with all skill levels in mind. However due to the advanced nature of this subject, an intermediate level of experience is ideal.

If you’re new to Blender, want to brush up your skills, or perhaps you're switching to Blender from another 3D app, I recommend watching this list of prerequisite courses to prepare for HUMAN:

  1. Blender Basics
  2. Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting
  3. Fundamentals of Mesh Modeling
  4. Fundamentals of Texturing
  5. Fundamentals of Materials & Shading
  6. Fundamentals of Digital Lighting

**For more info about HUMAN, some background, recommendations and FAQ, please see this community thread!

What do the Artists think?

“Kent does a fantastic job of showcasing each step in the process of creating a digital human face in Blender. The user will be taken through the foundations of facial anatomy, texturing, grooming and lighting just to name a few. Kent has a produced a lot of great educational material here and the "straight to the point" tone in the videos makes them easy to digest.”

DANIEL BYSTEDT, Senior Character Artist

"Astounding! A masterclass in masterclasses! Pure gold! A brilliant method brilliantly applied! The descriptions are superb, the knowledge is deep, the presentation is done with such approachable ease and effortless expertise. A must-have! 

AIDY BURROWS, Digital Artist & Instructor

"3D realistic portraits are often the ultimate goal of wanna-be CG artists and one of the hardest exercises there is. Kent has been a master at it for years and he's now providing the most in-depth Blender course to create any realistic portrait from scratch. He shows how to get outstanding results through a very methodical process that you can easily follow along. Anyone knowing Kent's obsession for details and comprehensive teaching will enroll day one, and so should you."

 PIERRICK PICAUT, Digital Artist & Instructor

"An incredible one-stop-shop for learning how to breach the uncanny valley of digital portraiture in Blender. Kent graciously takes us through the wonderful, yet disciplined journey of turning a sphere into a fully actualized realistic portrait. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned veteran, there's something for everyone to learn and take away from this masterful course. It's the complete package, worth every cent and more!"

CHRIS CHUIPKA, Lead Modeler at Tangent

"From proportion techniques from the old masters, to modern techniques to create realistic human portraits. The content that Kent put together on this course is phenomenal, a masterclass very well thought-out that will boost the learning speed of everyone who wants to jump into the subject or improve their skills."

LUCAS FALCAOProfessional Character Artist


Kent Trammell