Fundamentals of Virtual Reality

Learn how to develop for the HTC Vive using Unity and Steam VR
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In this course we are going to explore the exciting world of Virtual Reality using the HTC Vive and Unity. The HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset that combines both the visual aspects of VR along with room scale tracking for a completely immersive VR experience. This course is designed to the teach the fundamental aspects of learning how to get started with development for VR environments in Unity. We'll touch on a bit of everything to include:

  • Understanding how the camera and wireless controllers work together
  • How to use C# to control how inputs on the controllers are used
  • Interacting with physical objects in game in order to pickup and throw objects around
  • Movement using "teleportation" to move seamlessly across large environments
  • Using custom controller models and skins

You'll also find a small collection of simple mini games that you can deconstruct and build in under an hour. If you're looking to get started with VR development, this is the course for you.