Fundamentals of Rigged Animations

Learn how to animate your rigged characters and objects using Unity's Mecanim animation system.
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Learn How to Animate Characters with Mecanim

In this course we'll continue to learn about using Mecanim for rigged characters. This is the bread and butter for Mecanim and in this course we'll go over the process of using a humanoid rig along with a generic rig. Things you'll learn in this course include:

  • Using two different types of rigs and how to set them up within Unity
  • Controlling a character using a C# script
  • Using blend trees to blend between different animations
  • Adding masks to control body part specific animations
  • Using Inverse Kinematics to track objects with body parts

We'll start off by learning how to setup a humanoid rig, setup bones and range of motion for things like muscle settings. Next we'll start editing animation clips to be used within animation states. This will include learning how to properly loop animations for the various poses the character may have. Using this animation clip we'll go over using animation states, parameters and even a simple C# script to allow our character to walk.

 Further animation states will be included within blend trees to control the turning animations of the character followed by full range of motion in every direction. Learn how to customize specific animations by using avatar masks and layers so that we may use animations on specific body parts like a hand waving while walking forward. 

Lastly we'll look at using Inverse Kinematics to create realistic movements for head tracking and physically grabbing objects using the characters rig as reference. If you're looking create a fully controllable character in Unity then this course is for you.