Fundamentals of Mecanim Animation

Learn the basics of animation in Unity. Use the Mecanim animation system to control animation states, use parameters, transitions, and more.
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Lets get Animated!

This course will be part of a two part course covering animation using Mecanim and basic Keyframe animations. In this course we'll start off by going over the basics of learning how to create simple animations using the Animation view. We'll then jump into using Animator Controllers along with the Mecanim animation state machine system. Things we'll discuss in this course include:

  • Using the dopesheet and curves for creating keyframe animations
  • Utilizing Animation Events with a C# script
  • Adding Animation states using an Animator Controller
  • Using Transitions and parameters to move from one animation state to another
  • Simple examples of using inputs within a C# script to control transitions

There's quite a bit to discuss regarding animation and this will get you started with creating animations in Unity and controlling them with Mecanim. In a subsequent character animation course we'll dive in deeper to look at layers, masks, blend trees and more.