Fundamentals of Image Effects

Learn how to use image effects to create a unique look to your game within minutes
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Lets Add Image Effects!

In this course you'll learn about using image effects in Unity. Image effects are essentially filters we can apply to our main camera to enhance the look of our view. We won't be covering the entire selection of image effects but we will cover the most common image effects used. Image Effects covered in this course include:

  • Sun Shafts for creating rays of light protruding through objects
  • Global fog to add an eerie blanket of fog over an entire scene
  • Depth of Field to focus in on specific objects
  • Screen Space Ambient Obscurance (SSAO) to add realistic shadows within edges and crevices
  • Vignette and Chromatic Aberration to mimic a camera lense
  • Noise and Grain along with Noise and Scratches for the old film look
  • We'll also cover combination of effects to include Grayscale, Bloom, Fisheye and Crease Shading

By the end of this course you'll have a good understanding of how to utilize image effects with your camera to enhance the look of your game with a library of pre-made image effects that come with Unity.