Developing Weather FX for Games

Learn how to build custom weather fx for your game environments
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Weather is something that many people overlook in games, but can dramatically change how the game is played. Everything ranging from low visibility in inclement weather to changing the landscape. There are various methods of using Weather to change how your game looks and feels. In this course we'll be looking at a few specific environments; Snowy Mountains, Desert, and a Forest. 

More specifically we are going to introduce weather into these in the form of rain, snow, and sandstorms. In this course you'll learn how to 

  • Use Photoshop to create particle textures
  • Use Shuriken Particles with custom materials
  • Reduce particles emitted with larger texture based particle systems
  • Layer particle effects for more realism
  • Use unique shaders for unique effects

With the effects taught in this course you'll learn how to expand upon these and how you can add unique weather fx to any environment in your game.